What clients are saying…

I wasn’t sure I would be able to carve out two days to go through the program, but I’m glad I did. Since working with Chris, I have been able to more effectively manage the workflow in my life and I’ve started another business which has generated $65,000 in 6 weeks. I have avoided burnout and maximized the utility of my time and energy. My stress levels have gone down since I know I have a system in place to manage my workflow. The program is focused on results and not theory and Chris doesn’t waste time teaching you “fluff” that doesn’t matter. I have already hired Chris to work with another key member of my team and I would recommend him to anyone who is super busy running a business.

Patrick Brewer

Founder / Senior Wealth Advisor, Surepath Wealth Management

Have you ever felt that you are underwater in a sea of things you know you are supposed to get to and you don’t even know where to start, so you end up just working on the noisiest task in front of you? That was me before working with Chris.

I’m a busy sales/connector/evangelist-type and Chris was able to listen to my concerns and really match the systems with bigger reasons to implement it.

Working with Chris has helped me move homes seamlessly, go on 4 family trips, driving cross country with my son and dog, be better at homeschooling, get back into stand-up comedy, get on top of my old IRS debt, and help our company meet a massive revenue goal through staying on top of all my to-dos.

To me, this has become a fool-proof way of not dropping balls.

This system is perfect for busy professionals/business owners, with a family and many things competing for your time.

It’s for people who feel unorganized or guilty for not being on top of all their “stuff” and are sick and tired of forgetting small / big things, or feeling zapped energy-wise because you know there’s so many things to get to.

Also, it’s for anyone with more than 100 emails in their inbox. (I had 15,000 when Chris and I started working. Right now I have less than 10 in each account.)

Tim Power

Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor, SurePath Wealth Management

The introductory training so impressed me I couldn’t wait to get started. We spent two full days capturing my “life” and putting it in order/system of management, even down to the glove box in my car. Perhaps the best thing is that Chris is there to help, so he does not judge because he realizes we are all in a different state of disorganization.

I’ve been able to execute on many major plans at home, at work, and even successfully plan and execute events from a distance due to working with Chris. I have seen a marked increase in my productivity, and some longer term clients have noticed the change in my office (no more stacks of materials; prompt action, quicker return calls, etc.). My life has been less cluttered, and thus less stressful, since working with Chris. The change in me was so profound that my office manager started to imitate what I was doing. I highly recommend Chris to anyone, including those who feel organized, as it can’t help but benefit your way of thinking.

Stephen Casey


Before working with Chris, I thought I knew a lot already and that my system worked pretty well, maybe better than most. Working with Chris has helped me work on the right things at the right time. I am now working more efficiently and effectively than ever, and I have greater confidence that I’m spending my time on the right things. I would recommend Chris to anyone that wants to be more efficient at managing their lives, especially professionals who have lots of responsibility. You won’t know how much you need this until you experience it.

Stephen Brewer

Associate Director, Austin Disaster Relief Network

Through Chris’s coaching, I was able to realize that I could put together systems to declutter my mind and be more efficient in my work and personal life. This has translated to a better night’s sleep and more creativity throughout the day due to being organized. Thank you Chris!

Danielle Babin

Broker Associate, Babin Realty Team, Keller Williams Realty